User Experience

Because the user
is king!

To create an effective UX, you have to take into account the users' expectations and needs.

To create a successful user experience for a service or product, you need to conduct market research and talk to users to understand their expectations. Good UX design involves creating a user journey that is easy to use using proven design principles. To achieve this, you can contact an expert like Wiztivi.

High-end cross-platform
user interfaces

Visual communication & printing

Graphic design

An industry in
constant evolution!

The evolution of digitalization and communication is pushing companies to look for more and more varied needs in graphic design.

Visual identity

The visual identity conveys the values and reinforces the brand image of a company.

Marketing & advertising

Marketing and advertising attract and retain consumers.

Digital Industries

Brand design

  • At the heart of a new industrial revolution
  • Digital transformation in industry
  • Technological change requiring high productivity

Graphic design agencies

A graphic design agency assists you in reaching your target audience. The agency creates content that stands out and has proven to be effective. The team of graphic designers does not hesitate to think outside the box in order to offer tailor-made solutions.

Graphic design

How to choose a
graphic design course?

Graphic designer

The graphic designer is involved in the creation, execution and printing.

Graphic designer illustrator

Layout Designer

Layout designers work on paper as well as digital media.

Graphic designer illustrator

Graphic designer illustrator

Visual communication and graphic design projects.


UX/UI designer

Improve the user experience by making it useful and enjoyable.

Good graphic designer

What equipment does
a graphic designer need?

Graphic design software

Graphic design tools allow you to provide a range of services from superficial touch- ups to adding filters and photomontage. Advanced graphic design software includes many useful features.

Good quality screen

A good monitor is essential for a graphic designer who wishes to create quality designs. Go for high-resolution models. A 1080p monitor is a good alternative for professional artists and graphic designers.

The secrets of a successful
graphic design

To achieve success in the field of graphic design, you need to create a template that is clear and accessible to users. Make the template consistent across all contexts of use and all media. In addition to being easy and simple to use, it should be original so that it can easily stands out. You can make your digital project accessible to everyone by developing a flexible graphic charter that adapts to different contexts of use. Another special feature is to design a relevant charter to meet the needs of the company and its users.

Visual elements

Focus on the elements
of graphic design

Lines & shapes

The elements of graphic design include colours, use of images, layout, fonts and text. The use of images allows you to develop a visual identity that you can quickly get to know. Images, logos and illustrations help convey a brand's message to the target audience.

Colour & Texture

Texture and colour management play a key role in the final outcome of a graphic design production. Colour sets the mood of the visual by influencing the viewer's perceptions.


Typography is an indispensable component of any visual communication. It allows the design of new visual languages that respond to the challenges and objectives of a project’s communication.

Hierarchy & composition

Graphic design tools have many categories of graphics as well as hundreds of templates. Graphic design uses visual composition to express an idea.